Ever wondered how some people you probably know without a 9-5 job make their money? You probably see them spend their time advertising products and this has left you asking so many questions. According to Luthans, on the concept of social capital, questions are asked about relations, connections, friendships and family ties while looking for answers to the question “who do you know?”  The question of who you know affects an affiliate marketer and you might ask the question- “who is an Affiliate?”.

Essentially, an affiliate is someone who promotes, advertises and makes sales for companies. In order to become an affiliate, it is paramount to explore your social capital by getting into spaces where you advertise to people you probably have personal relationships with but also, this could include people you might have no relationship with whatsoever, it all boils down to your method and means of advertising as an affiliate. Whatever means you choose to follow through as a marketing strategy, it comes down to making sales. Being an affiliate for a company means you get to market the company’s product and for every product you sell, you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get rich these days and is incorporated in the marketing strategy of top fortune 500 companies like Apple, Macy’s and Target. One of it’s main attractions is that it involves little or no initial investment to get started and therefore can be embarked upon by any body willing to partner up and earn.

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