Its difficult for most average persons to make out time to actually consider the consequences of their choices until these consequences start hitting home in form of adverse environmental, health or economic effects. This is especially true with renewable energy sources. Most people think very little of  where the energy they use comes from as far as ‘there is light’. We are going to show you the value which renewable energy adds to your life and why you need to be reconsidering your energy choices.

In many parts of the country, air pollution is a big issue filling the atmosphere with harmful soot. This is primarily caused by hydrocarbon powered generators and power plants. They fill the atmosphere with greenhouse gases that worsen global warming and contribute to climate change. Renewable energy sources like solar energy are clean and do not emit toxic waste into the environment. Thus, a widespread adoption of solar and other renewable energy sources would significantly reduce air pollution and the attendant environmental degradation.

Renewable energy sources protect you from health challenges arising from polluted atmosphere. 94% of Nigerians are exposed to air pollution levels exceeding WHO guidelines. There were 150 deaths per 100,000 persons linked to air pollution in 2016. Everybody can benefit from having clean air. One way to do that is by ditching generators and embracing renewable energy. Noise from generators is a major source of nuisance in cities these days especially in the evening. Noise poses many health challenges to man such as noise-induced hearing impairment, sleep disturbance, poor cognitive performance, it may also have adverse effects to our mental, psychological and physiological state. Children are even more vulnerable to these adverse effects. This can be conveniently avoided with the use of renewables like solar energy.

Renewable energy will save you money as they have been found to be cheaper in the long run compared to generators. The initial investment cost may be higher than that of generator, but factor in the running costs over a period of 2 years, then solar wins easily. Solar batteries are meant to last for more that 5 years while the panels have a life span of 25 to 30 years on a single initial investment while generators need constant refueling and maintenance. Renewable energy boosts the economy by creating jobs and business opportunities. The renewable energy sector is a fast-growing one and could be the next crude oil in Nigeria. According to statistics from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), global renewable energy employment reached 10.3 million jobs in 2017, an increase of 5.3% compared with the number reported in the previous year. Solar PV industry was the largest employer (almost 3.4 million jobs, up 9% from 2016).

Most developed countries are already working towards set renewable energy targets and many Fortune 500 corporations like Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Intel, Microsoft, CISCO etc., have already made the switch to renewable energy. With this trend, it goes without saying that renewable energy is the best energy investment for any individual, household or corporation in this age.




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