When talking about renewable energy, it simply means clean energy-energy gotten from natural processes, meaning it cannot be exhausted and it can certainly be renewed

In order to better understand why renewables are important in battling climate change, it is important to understand the main causes of climate change. The earth’s climate and geology has been on a constant trajectory of change over the milenia, but in recent times, this change is occurring more rapidly than any past event. This means that human activities have caused the majority of the earth’s warming in the past several decades by releasing heat trapping gasses through burning fossils, agriculture, land use and other activities that drive climate change. Climate change isn’t only about growing temperatures but also extreme weather, rising sea levels, and other negative impacts.

In a world battling with extreme and progressive climate change, renewable energy might possibly be one of the answers to our secret prayers. Unlike others that emit negative substances into the environment which ends up increasing climate change, renewable energy is environmentally friendly and in no way puts the environment in jeopardy.

Seeing its importance, it is imperative that the change to renewable energy happens fast and not just in some areas but in all areas as well. It has been predicted by the International Renewable Energy Agency that renewables could possibly supply four-fifth of the world’s electricity by the year 2050, which could lead to a massive cutting down of carbon emissions and help in combating climate change.

In the fight against climate change, renewables play a massive role and from the predictions given, it is quite evident to see that if four-fifth of the world could flip completely to renewables, then the battle could possibly be almost over meaning all hands must be on deck in the promoting of renewable energy across all borders.

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